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In a collaborative effort with KIPP, Stephen's reading program aims to accelerate literacy outcomes with over 500 students at KIPP Minnesota schools in North Minneapolis through rewards and incentives, targeted materials, and inspiration from Stephen.

Stephen launched his first annual youth scholarship this offseason in partnership with the InSports Foundation to help sponsor an underprivileged youth football program. Know of a youth team that would benefit from a sponsorship? Apply now!

Stephen's youth football camp provides young athletes an opportunity to connect with a current NFL player while learning how to succeed on and off the field. Working with the YMCA, Stephen's camp hosts 200 kids from underprivileged communities.


Stephen was an ESPN 4-star recruit, ranked as the 24th best Defensive End in the country and went on to play football at Vanderbilt University.



He was selected by the Minnesota Vikings as the 227th overall pick in the 7th round of the 2016 NFL Draft where he played four seasons.



On March 23, 2020, Stephen signed a two-year contract with the Carolina Panthers.


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